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Employee retention credit (erc)

A stimulus check for your business

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a tax credit available for small business owners, LLC’s, S-Corps or 1099 employees. Similar to the $1200 stimulus check taxpayers received, this credit is designed to help small businesses during these trying times.  Call us to speak to one of our ERC specialists: 844-213-1530.



Are the funds limited (like PPP)?

No, any small business can receive the funds, but you have to apply before July 31st

How much is the credit?

The credit can be up to $5,000 per employee, depending on their wages during the crisis
(We will take care of the nitty gritty and make sure you get everything you can)

How long does it take to receive the funds?

Right now, it typically takes 12-16 weeks for the money to arrive in your account

Can I get the ERC if I got the PPP loan?

Yes! The new stimulus package allows any business that claimed the PPP to also claim the ERC


What documents/files are needed for me to apply?

We will need your 941 forms from 2020 (all 4), any documentation related to your PPP loan (preferably your forgiveness form), your 2020 Tax Return if you have already filed, and most importantly, a detailed payroll report, preferably attached as an excel file.

Is the ERC a loan?

The ERC is NOT a loan. It is a tax credit, meaning you don’t need to pay it back or track your spending

What Information do you need from me?

We ask questions to understand your business better, things like how coronavirus impacted your business, if you have received unemployment or PPP funds, and if you are married or have kids. All of this is to maximize your earning potential from the ERC.

Schedule a call with an accountant to get all your questions answered

How is this different from the PPP?

There are many differences between the ERC & PPP, check out our PDF Guide to learn about some of the key differences

To get started, complete the form below or call us for more details: 844-213-1530

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